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A Phyllis Tuckwell Tribute Fund is a place where you can come together to remember the life of someone special. It is an opportunity for your family and friends to do something positive to honour their memory. You can create a tribute here, thank you for your support.

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Donating in Memory

In memoriam donations are gifts given in lieu of flowers at funerals, or funds set up to mark the anniversary of the passing of loved ones. "The Hospice provided such exceptional care for my mother in her final days that I wanted to encourage donations instead of flowers at the funeral. It was something I could do to show my gratitude for everything they did..."

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About Phyllis Tuckwell

Phyllis Tuckwell Tribute Funds

A Phyllis Tuckwell Tribute Fund is a unique way to celebrate the life of someone special while helping to raise funds to care for terminally ill people and their families both at the Hospice, at the Beacon Centre and in the local community. Many of our supporters like to remember a loved one by making a donation in their memory, whilst knowing that their gift will enable us to continue providing our services in the community. Many donations are from supporters in the local area who have lost someone dear to them and have chosen to honour them by requesting donations to support the work of Phyllis Tuckwell.

What your support provides

"My husband has found a new enthusiasm and zest for life since starting a weekly visit to Day Hospice. I want to make a contribution towards the incredible people who have given me back the man I married...".

Support from the community

"We're based in the catchment area of the Hospice and want to do our bit to support such an important local service. We all know someone who has been touched by the work of the Hospice, and we feel a loyalty towards helping them to keep their doors open for others who need them too....".

How your Donations Help

£10 could buy aromatherapy oils for two days bringing comfort and relief

£33 could buy one hour of care for a patient in their own home3

£93 could pay for the care of one patient in our Day Hospice for one day

£127 could pay for a Nurse for a day that cares for up to five patients

£138 could pay for a physiotherapist for a day, improving the quality of life for patients

£962 could pay for one full-time Clinical Nurse Specialist for a week, working in the community

Thank You for Helping

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